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Getting Started?

Creating Your Social Media &

Managing It. 


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Our job is to make getting started on social media extremely easy for you. You don’t have to worry about any of the technical work. We even help you put together start-up content so that your profile launches online looking like the pro’s. We’ll take care of the designs and strategic layout. All you have to worry about is providing us with accurate information about your business during our discussions.

What about maintenance? We understand that a lot of business & brand owners struggle to keep up with the ever changing social media platforms. We’ll make your social media experience hustle free. We help you strategically post, execute online campaign and much more. How will you know if your social media is doing well? we will provide you with monthly activity reports. This way you can focus on what matters. 

Creating Your Social Media

Complete Set-up of Any Social Media

Start up content includes:

  • Photographs
  • Starting posts on page
  • Video Clips (may be included)

Managing Your Social Media

Regular Maintenance of Social Media Platforms

  • Regular monthly posting, monthly progress reports
  • Monthly photography or video production (may be included)

Ready Take Advantage of Online Ads?

Online Advertising


Currently has over 2 Million active users on a daily basis. 


Currently has over 800 Million active users on a daily basis. 


Currently has over 2 Billion active users on a daily basis. 

Google Ads

Currently has over 500 Million active users on a daily basis. 

How Does It Work?


Choose the platforms you want to run advertisements on. If you’re not sure, we’ll help you figure that out based on your plan and the audience you would like to reach.


Tell us your budget. Yes! You decide how much you want to spend on your online advertising. We’ll ensure your budget is inline with your goal.


We only charge a small fee for this service. Clients have paid as low as $20 in the past. How much you pay depends on the duration and type of advertisement service.

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